The Brazilians really do have a different take on sexy lingerie and swimwear, certainly one that is different from what is produced in this country or in Asia, yet one that is finding a growing place among U.S. retailers. And Donna Flor, though not a new company, is one of the latest brands from that country to make a concerted effort here.

Founded in 2002, Donna Flor produces both sexy lingerie and swimwear in its own factory, and now has set up a warehouse in Miami for distribution in the U.S. and Canada. A specialty of the company is their own style of micro panties and mini bikinis. Also offered are babydolls and a variety of other lingerie silhouettes.

According to the company, it already exports to more than 30 countries, as well as “a couple” of U.S. online retailers, but it does not yet have a presence in physical stores in the this country. Parent company is Alcor Brands, Inc.

President Fabio Q. Silva explained in an e-mail message that in recent years “a new more liberated and uninhibited woman came to the market with a new esthetic profile and behavior pattern. Women are becoming younger, free fashioned and pretty, but they were wearing brightless and unfashioned clothes. Our products are made for the woman who wants to be sexy, sensual and who searches [for] innovation, exclusive designs” and freedom of movement.

Today Silva said the company is well positioned for success in the U.S. market, especially since setting up the Miami warehouse which allows direct, duty-paid shipments to stores here. He also believes the brand “reflects exactly the sensuality of a modern woman.”

Wholesale prices, landed, duty paid USA, range from $17 to $25 for two piece bikini sets, with suggested retail prices ranging from $39 to $49. Tiny “sexy panties,” without crystal embellishment, range from $5.40 to $12 wholesale, with the suggested retail prices ranging from $12 to $19. Panties with crystal embellishments range from $9.50 to $33 wholesale, with suggested retail prices ranging from $19 to $65. Wholesale pricing for babydolls ranges from $16.30 to $20.50, with an average retail price of $40. Lingerie sets wholesale from $30 to $49, with the suggested retail ranging from $60 to $90. The company provides free shipping on all order of $200 or more.

The line has been designed by Juliana Hass from the beginning. There is no “Donna Flor,” explained Silva. “There’s a Brazilian movie called ‘Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands.’ Dona means Ms. or Lady. And Flor is the name of the main character. Flor is a very sexy and looking woman, a beautiful brunette who exudes the sensuality of Brazilian women. We decided put a new “n” and call it “Donna.” That’s easily associated with “woman” and makes this association with “Flor,” that means “Flower.””

When asked what brand Donna Flor could hang with in U.S. stores, Silva replied, “Dreamgirl is the answer,” adding, “For sexy swimwear, nothing compares with our product.” In addition to advertising in BODY, Silva said the company is also committed to “participation in trade shows” here, and is in the process of hiring North American sales reps.

Some of the company’s most successful lingerie styles incorporate crystal embellishments. These designs “are hand made, so nice and rich,” he boasted. Asked to name some of the best selling designs he listed “Amor Perfeito, Papoula, Grampola, Girassol, Felina and Azaleia. In swimwear, the best-sellers are “Bikini Itajuba, Micro Bikini, Bikini Rio, One-piece Arpoador, Bikini Sauipe and Bikini Minimus.

The company’s web site emphasizes the firm’s social responsibility and fairness to its workers. “Quality, comfort and innovation. These three words guide our design and style, as well as the production scale of Donna Flor. Our company always values its high choice of materials and fabrics and perfection in its designs and finishing. It respect its suppliers and employees.”

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By: Nick Monjo, Body Magazine Publisher & Editor-in-Chief